The Battle of Gettysburg, 135th Anniversary Re-Enactment-1998

A look back at the largest American Civil War Re-Enactment ever staged. Three days of pure enjoyment for the 28,000 re-enactors that took part. Located five miles southwest of the town of Gettysburg PA, this spectacular was advertised at the time as being "Staged by Re-enactors for Re-enactors". This was certainly the case, no loudspeaker narrating through the battles, no press on the battlefield, no advertising hoardings etc. . . These albums contain over one hundred and fifty never published photos of the re-enactment. By Roy Daines....RDPixs


Union forces anticipating that the Confederates would march on Gettysburg from the west on the morning of July 1, Buford laid out his defences on three ridges west of the town
The first day's re-enactment depicted 'Buford's Stand' a delaying action by his small cavalry division.
The initial success of the Iron Brigade against Archer capturing several hundred men, including Archer himself.
Heths Advance, as U.S. positions collapsed both north and west of the town, Gen. Howard ordered a retreat to the high ground at Cemetery Hill.

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Throughout the evening of July 1 and morning of July 2, most of the remaining infantry of both armies arrived on the field. 90,000 Union and 75,000 Confederate troops were involved in the Battle of Gettysburg.
The Union line ran from Culp's Hill northwest to Cemetery Hill, then south for nearly two miles along Cemetery Ridge, terminating just north of Little Round Top. Lee's battle plan called for Longstreet's First Corps to position itself stealthily to attack the Union left flank, straddling the Emmitsburg Road, and to roll up the Union line.

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Lee using the same basic plan as the previous day. Longstreet would attack the union left, while Ewell attacked Culp's Hill. However the Union started a dawn artillery bombardment against the Confederates on Culp's Hill. The Confederates attacked, and the second fight for Culp's Hill took place. Lee was forced to change his plans. Longstreet would command Pickett's Virginia division plus six brigades from Hill's Corps, in an attack on the union positions at the right centre of the Union line on Cemetery Ridge. Prior to the attack, all the artillery the Confederacy could bring to bear on the Union positions would weaken the enemy's line.

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