Once upon a time in LAREDO

These photos were taken at Laredo, a western town in the UK that has grown out of a thirty year ambition by a like minded group of dedicated western living historians & re-enactors to create it.
My photovideo depicts a sleepy town that in recent months has seen a bunch of desperados take over the saloon. Gambling and flirty women are making the towns men-folk understandably want some of the action.
There has been an ongoing petition for something to be done but nobody will stand up to these drunken slobs. Then one day things really get out of hand, and they start robbing the small provincial bank.
Now the town marshal has his money in it, and so do many of the towns business men. This leads to a posy of reluctant 'irregular gunfighters' being formed. The would-be bank robbers are so drunk that they are taken by surprise, as indeed are the towns hotchpotch of gunfighters. There are a few rounds fired, three of the bank robbers are wounded and one killed.
It is a lesson in morality to the local men-folk that gambling, drinking and loose women do not pay. Soon the town gets back to its sleepy ways and everyone lives happily ever after.
Once Upon a Time in LAREDO