Morocco 2006

A six day camel trek through the Dra Valley just south of the Atlas Mountains in Morocco. My mount was called Kylee, we became best friends after he realised that every time I was around I would give him a dried date. I learnt to saddle-up, and hobble him at night, so that he wouldn't wonder off across the desert. Or though the guides didn't speak any English, and of course I don't speak Bedouin, we understood each other fine. They were a great bunch; we found that we all had the same sense of humour. A place that I will never forget.
IMG 4242a IMG 4472a IMG 4313a IMG 4380a IMG 4384a
IMG 4333a IMG 4382aa IMG 4296a Camel Trek, Draa Vally Marocco Dunes de Teraf
IMG 4635a Bedouin, Trek Leader IMG 4631a Zak, Sahara Morocco Sami, Marocco
IMG 4387a IMG 4419a IMG 4394a Ouled Driss, Morocco IMG 4451a
IMG 4444a IMG 4342a IMG 4602a IMG 4299a IMG 4311a
Bedouin,Trek Leders IMG 4626aa IMG 4522a IMG 4502a IMG 4512aa
Hamada, Morocco High Atlas Mountains,Berber IMG 4524a Old Moroccan Ruin IMG 4705a
IMG 4709aa IMG 4722aa IMG 4701a IMG 4331a IMG 4777a
Mohammed, High Atlas IMG 4755a IMG 4930a IMG 4984a Big Mac
IMG 4804a Egypt IMG 4889a Marrakech, to the Souks! Camel ride, Marrakesh
Islamic Mounk Fruity Sleeper IMG 4928a Into the Madina Moroccan Pots
Moroccan Souk, Market Trader Trafic Cop, Marrakech Signs